Swim Spas

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Aquagym Max Swim Spa

Aquagym Max

Large, fully featured, single zone swim spa.
Dimensions: 449 x 231 x 130 or 150cm

Hydrozone Kettering


A dual zone swim spa allowing dual water temperature settings.
Dimensions: 591 x 230 x 130/150cm

Aqualap swim spas Kettering


For a true ‘lap pool’ experience in a swim spa.
Dimensions: 590 x 230 x 130/150cm

Aqualounge swimming spa Kettering


A single zone, 4 metre swim spa that’s a family favourite.
Dimensions: 400 x 230 x 120cm

Vortex Aquagym overhead

Aquagym Swim Spa

A compact swim spa that retains all the bells and whistles.
Dimensions: 398 x 231 x 130cm